Phil & Teds Sport Buggy Single Stroller

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The ever popular phil&teds sport buggy allows growing families to have adventures outside the home. The sport offers rugged off-road dependability & proven functionality. With its 4 position contour seat-positions including upright, heads-up, sleepy & lie flat, travel with family is simple and fun. Add double kit (sold separately) to convert single to a double stroller!


  • Extremely easy to push and steer with front swivel wheel
  • Multi-position handle for easy adjustments between different heights
  • Double rear foot brake for stops and breaks during your travels
  • Ventilation on seats for comfort
  • Mud guards to protect wheels

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1 lbs

55 lbs

Three Wheels,Full Size

Yes – With Adapter (Sold Separately)

Cargo Basket,Tray / Bar



31.3 pounds

30.0 x 21.0 x 9.7

Phil & Teds Sport Buggy Single Stroller4.457

7 Reviews for “Phil & Teds Sport Buggy Single Stroller”

  1. OSU Mom on February 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

    This was the only stroller we looked at & the only one we’ll ever have to buy. It has attachments to fit your infant while still in the carseat & has an extra seat you can attach so 2 kids can ride at the same time. Its easy to walk & jog with and folds down very easily. Doesn’t take up a lot of room in the trunk.

  2. knb3bees on March 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

    First off, let me say that I have literally tried all the double strollers on the floor at Babies R Us. I have also purchased a few high end European strollers online as well. This stroller by far is the best stroller I have ever had that exceeds my expectations.I am only 4’8", possibly shorter. My husband is 5’10". The adjustments this stroller has is incredible to those who are either too short, too tall, and have either one or two kids most of the time or every now and then.Most of the time I go to my children’s appointments by myself. Just me and my two kids which by the way are young toddlers. In the winter time, it has only taken me less than a minute to get the stroller out of the trunk, pop on the doubles seat, get the kids strapped in and go. It makes life so much easier knowing that I don’t have to struggle with a heavy contraption and have one of my little ones sit there cold as can be while I get the other one settled in.Approaching the entrance, comes the next challenge of opening the door. Without any help I am easily able to open the door and hold it with one hand while the other is pushing the stroller into the building. This part witnessed by many parents watching me enter the building becomes a magic trick to them as they see I am not at all puzzled trying to get this stroller through the door. You should see their faces, once they saw my other kid sitting in the back they really couldn’t believe their eyes. I honestly can say that every time I have taken the P&T out with both my kids, I have received compliments every single time. As I am under 5′ my arms are short and I weigh under 100lbs, pushing other double strollers have been quite the challenge. With a long front to back stroller it is difficult trying to reach the door and continue to hold the handle of the stroller and then manage to push it in. By then the front end of a long stroller is already so close to the next door entrance (particularly at malls) so you have to back the stroller up and once again go through the process of open, hold, push, push, push. You will not have to go through this battle with the P&T. Months later after having it, my husband and I get stopped in the middle of the mall, […] where ever we are and is asked where I had purchased the stroller from. I love the P&T Sport Buggy so much that I even take the time out to demonstrate its capability and I bet I’ve probably indirectly sold a few to those who’ve asked me questions about my kid’s cool ride.There are times where I only have one child along for the ride and when we go shopping we need space. For anyone who has this stroller and hasn’t done this yet, read carefully. With one child and a full under-basket, pop on the adapters and attach the doubles set on the front. Doing this allows you to drop the main seat as if you were to lay a baby down in the back and it raises the toddler up for more leg room. Well, since you only have one child with you use that flat back seat and store your other items there so you can be hands free.I really can go on forever about this stroller, and you can guarantee I’ve been eying the latest one that has come out (though the hub most likely won’t allow me to cough up another $600 for it =P). Believe me, if I did have the latest one I’d probably receive a thousand more compliments and get stopped every 5-10′ at the store.

  3. zhanna on March 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    The best, most convenient stroller. Folds very compact and great for any activity such as a stroll in the park, jogging, or shopping. Very easy to maneuver and its not too wide like most double or jogging strollers so it fits everywhere.This stroller adjusts to so many different positions i cant even count. My kids are now 2 and a half and 1 and a half – they love it! I’ve had it for a year and do not regret buying it. this is something i would recommend.

  4. Texas Mom on April 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I have to say that I really love this stroller. I was not necessarily looking for a "jogging" stroller. I was looking for a stroller that would help me keep up with older kids who are riding bikes and going to soccer games. A regular stroller was just not working but I did not need a jogging stroller that is hard to fold up and too cumbersome. This stroller is amazing. It turns beautifully on its swivel wheel. It fully reclines for a newborn. It holds a Graco Snug Ride. You can add a cool doubles kit and carry two small ones "inline" and go anywhere you need to go. When you fold it up you can take the wheels off VERY easily and then it is much lighter and easier to carry. This plus a nice umbrella stroller is all I need!

  5. Super Mom on April 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Ok, I bought this stroller and the doubles kit when my youngest son was 4 months old. I had it for 4 months before I finally sold it. I thought that it would be great, better than a bulky double stroller. First I kept on kicking the doubles seat my youngest son was sitting in, then the sunshade did not provide enough covered for my oldest. There are no cupholders, the jogging strap is no long and gets in the way. The basket is way to small to put anything in especially if you have a child in the doubles seat. Finally I hated that it took up so much room in my chevy equinox trunk and that I had to take the doubles seat off to fold it. I sold this stroller because I was unable to bring it back and got a city mini double stroller instead a much better doubles stroller.

  6. Seeashrun on June 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Great jogging stroller! Just right for my stride. I also purchased the graco car seat adapter and the Lazy ted bouncer adapter- I’ve enjoyed them both. I would highly recommend the to any new mommy! It’s my favorite piece of baby loot!

  7. NYCmom on July 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

    I did alot of research before buying the Phil and Teds Sport (in red) for our 3.5mo old and a 20mo old. As we live in the city, we wanted something that wouldn’t take up half the side walk and which could go through doors easily, which the Sport does. It’s very maneuverable- can make tight turns easily and rolls smoothly. We used our MacClaren Techno and a Baby Bjorn carrier until my shoulders and neck couldn’t take it and hot weather set in. The baby hated the infant part of the stroller and cried while in it- I think b/c she wasn’t used to it and had only the back of her sister’s chair to look at. Also it’s a little awkward to slide an infant in and out of. Now she’s big enough to sit in the back seat (reclined) and loves it.

    I have to agree that it was not a ‘snap’ to put together. The instructions are minimalist (one part was even labeled wrong), but I managed to get it together eventually. Folding and unfolding was also not easy until I watched an on-line video demo, and now it’s a breeze. I also would not call this stroller lightweight (I got the Sport over the Vibe and Dash b/c it’s supposed to weigh less)- it’s still pretty hefty even empty and I usually have my husband carry it if needed. Another complaint would be the foot brake- with the double seat on back it’s not that easy to get to and it is hard to engage and release- it can be painful to the top of your foot if you’re in sandals. (Guess I’m spoiled by the MacClaren footbrake). Finally, I was very surprised at the relative cheapness of the safety harnesses. They’re thin and rough and you have to buckle in FOUR places (instead of two on the MacClaren).

    Overall, I don’t regret the purchase because it’s very sturdy and takes up less room than side-by-side or other tandem strollers. I would recommend to anyone with two kids (not twins) who’s tight on space.