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Bumbleride is reshaping baby mobility in a way to flow seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. Bumbleride’s design inspiration comes from you: the young and modern family. The Bumbleride collection is versatile and multi-faceted and includes new features, vibrant colors, and clever accessories. This is the ride of your life. Whether navigating the city sidewalks or cruising the parks and beaches, the Bumbleride Indie allows you and your little one to enjoy a secure and comfortable ride. The Bumbleride Indie is equipped with three 12 air-filled tires to smooth out the bumpiest of terrains. An easy front wheel lock converts the Bumbleride Indie from multi-terrain stroller to lightweight jogger and the four-positioning backrest is easy for you to adjust with one hand. Folding and storing the Bumbleride Indie is a breeze with the lightest weight and most compact fold in its class.


  • Baby Jogger Patented Quick-Fold Technology
  • Accessory Mounting Bracket makes accessorizing your stroller a snap!
  • Raised kicker adds leg support for smaller children and provides easy access to under seat basket
  • 12″ quick-release wide-tread tires with front suspension and lockable swivel front wheel for all-terrain strolling
  • Plush padded reclining seat with vented seat top and retractable weather cover

Additional Info





45 lbs




Adjustable Canopy,Adjustable Handle,Adjustable Head Support,Cargo Basket,Cup Holder(s),Sunshade,Weather Protection



28.8 pounds

31.2 x 18.5 x 11.3

Bumbleride Indie Stroller4.657
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7 Reviews for “Bumbleride Indie Stroller”

  1. Logans Mom on October 2nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

    I purchased this jogger about two weeks ago and wanted to use it for a while before I put a review up here. It was down to the wire between this stroller and the Bob and we decided to go with this one because it came with all the bells and whistles of the bob plus you didn’t have to pay for the extras (cup holder and car seat attachment.) So far I have Jogged with it, took it apple picking to an apple farm (it went great through the high grass and rough terrain of the apple farm) and on long walks. Just about every part on this stroller is adjustable. It’s stable and sturdy. The only thing is it took us a while to figure out how it folds. It fits well in the trunk of my accord, however you can’t get much else in there with it. I would reccomend this stroller to anyone and I am pretty tough on things.

  2. Sofia's mom on December 9th, 2008 at 12:00 am

    After researching every stroller out there, we went with the Bumbleride Indie. Everything about it is excellent. I highly recommend it.

  3. courtneer on March 5th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I really wanted to buy only 1 stroller and really was looking for one that had wheels like a jogger so I could take walks if I wanted but also have the capability to use our Graco car seat (for our newborn) as well as be portable/foldable. This stroller is perfect. A little too wide maybe to take into small stores but it is great for walks downtown and it folds compactly. I am pleased with this purchase so far. Like other reviews, it is a little tough to get the hang of how it folds at first but you catch on with practice. The colors and design are really nice and the quality of the materials is top notch.

  4. busymom on March 31st, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I love this stroller. It is soooo smooth and definately feels & looks like luxury. It strolls very smoothly, goes up curbs and over bumps very easily, and turns on a dime. The seat is VERY spacious for my 16 month old..she has more space than in her full-size stroller. The footrest adjusts to several positions…something other strollers I looked at don’t do. The handle adjusts and curves out to give you plenty of space to walk or run–great for people of all heights. You can push and steer it with one hand, making multi-tasking a breeze. The sun visor is very large and shades most of baby’s body. The shade does not, however, fold all the way forward, but it does pull out very far to give a good deal of shade and the back zips off to help vent in hot weather. The back reclines to a flat position. The cup holder is nice…I’ve read some negative reviews about the cup holder but haven’t found anything wrong with mine…maybe Bumbleride fixed the problem. In fact, I put my Starbucks coffee in it and it doesn’t even spill out when I go over bumps….thanks to the great shocks! I really got used to the parent tray on my full-size stroller and thought I’d miss it, but I don’t because the cup holder works well and the pocket is a good size…large enough to fit keys, cell phone and other small things. I also ordered the snack tray, which is very large and has a deep pocket for a sippy cup/bottle. The basket is also an adequate side. Another reviewer mentioned something about not being good for small stores….really only an umbrella stroller is good for small stores. This stroller can turn so easily that you can get around many tight spaces. It doesn’t fold as flat as my full-size stroller and the handle does not adjust to go all the way down, but it does fold shorter than my full size. I have a Chevy Malibu (sort of a smaller trunk) and I was able to fit this in with some small effort..maybe I just need to get better at it…only took it in the car 1x. It is also compatible with the Chicco car seat–something other higher end strollers I looked at can’t accomodate. I haven’t used the car seat adaptor, though…gotta have baby #2….will then also get a Indie Twin and the carry cot! Can’t say enough about this stroller and I reviewed sooo many other strollers.

  5. maine mom on May 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I have one main complaint with this stroller, and that is the canopy (otherwise I would give it 5 stars). The canopy does not come down far enough in the front to block my baby from low sun or high winds. This has been a major frustration, so I have rigged a sheet held on with clips for sun shade. Basically, I am happy with everything else about the stroller. It maneuvers beautifully– I take it totally off road through woodland trails and can sneak between roots and rocks by slightly lifting the back two wheels up and this works without strain because it it so lightweight. It folds and unfolds very easily (I can unfold it while holding my baby). My baby seems very comfortable and happy in this stroller b/c it’s a smooth ride. We will be able to have some great adventures in it because it is so versatile.

  6. runner mom on July 5th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I use this stroller all the time and I havent had any issues yet. I love how easy it turns, the weight (very light!), and the durable tires for all terain walking. I havent used it for running just yet as my baby is still too young (the car seat adapter is perfect) but I am planning on using it for this purpose and I dont forsee any issues. The color as shown in the picture is deceiving because it is actually all blue/green on the inside not primarily “spice” as the image shows. I think it is going to get pretty dirty buthopefully it willwash well.

  7. marta on November 16th, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    I got my bumbleride indie 2009 in spice “orange” about 6 mo. ago and as a new parent that was the best $ spent. I am a heavy duty user, proud bumbleride mama. It is a true all terrain (including stairs) stroller, super easy to manouver in tight shopping isles or hallways. Even fully loaded with baby and groceries, still one hand manuverability. Goes like a breeze off road on trails, gravel, sand, bigger cracks on road are no challenge to it. (I used graco travell system for about one month and got suck on asfalt road many times – so frustrating)

    I love how even little details on bumbleride are all well thought out e.g. zipp off part of canopy, nice size pocket on canopy, hard back support and adjustable footrest for little babies, adjustable handle and long enough for long legged mamas not no kick it on walks, cupholder on the side, decent size storage basket, 3 awesome wheels, super easy to fold and unfold, light weight, easy to fit into smaller trunk. Has accessories included!!!! Stroller looks so sharp that I’m turning heads everywhere I go. I can go on an on an on. I simply LOVE IT!
    For better sun protection I got universal UV mesh cover(in regular department store) that fits stroller so nicely and not only protects my baby from hottest sun but also from older ladies sticking their fingers inside and touching my baby :).

    I would suggest 2 improvements for bumbleride for future models:
    1 – hand brake (especially for us living in the cities built on steep hills) I already fell on slippery and steep walkway, luckily had my jogging strap on so the stroller did not get far, but having a hand brake would be very helpfull.
    2 – better tire pump (one included is plastic mickey-mouse system that did not do much at all and mine fell apart on 3rd use. I got a new one from regular bike store, it’s cheap one only about $13 but has aluminum body and works like a magic and has a clips to attach it to the stroller)