Schwinn Free Wheeler Swivel Wheel Stroller

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The Schwinn Free Wheeler Jogging Stroller has 12 front and 16 rear rust proof aluminum wheels. The easy to maneuver aluminum frame is great for jogging, walking and shopping and it folds compactly and the quick release wheels come off easily for trunk storage. The parent tray and pockets hold snacks and drinks and the comfortable adjustable handle provides ease of use for a variety of activities. The secure child harness and cockpit accommodate one child up to 50lbs. and the shocks provide added comfort for baby. The roomy adjustable canopy offers plenty of sun protection. and the spacious under seat basket offers plenty of room for all of your gear.


  • JPMA Certified
  • Lockable front swivel via unique handle control
  • Unique rear cable brake system allows for more kick space and compact fold
  • Extra large storage basket with additional front access
  • Parent console with cup holder

Additional Info





1 lbs

50 lbs



Yes – With Adapter (Sold Separately)

Sunshade,Tray / Bar,Cup Holder(s),Cargo Basket,Weather Protection



31 pounds

33.8 x 22.0 x 12.2

Schwinn Free Wheeler Swivel Wheel Stroller4.056
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6 Reviews for “Schwinn Free Wheeler Swivel Wheel Stroller”

  1. Sam on March 14th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I bought this stroller because I wanted something more durable than a Jeep but didn’t want to spend $300+ on a BOB. It is great – good maneuverability, comfortable for my son, and easier on the wallet. Two things bug about this stroller: One is that when you close it, there is no lock to keep it in the closed position (not that big of a deal) The second is that the sun visor/shield is not as good as the BOB’s. Other than that, it is a wonderful ride and easy to run with.

  2. Erica on April 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

    Not sure why this has any bad reviews. This stroller is great! It’s one that you can actually jog with without spending a fortune. I(5’4″)love the adjustable handle bar and so does my husband(6′). I’ve jogged on the pavement as well as on a trail and it is really smooth on a dirt trail!! My son is so much more comfortable than his travel system stroller!! Would recommend this stroller to anyone!!! And I did a lot of research. I jog a mile or two a day!! Not a mall mom, but it’s just as good at the mall.

  3. 3kids on May 27th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    The best stroller for the value and the products. I would highly recommended all friends and family on the budget to get this. I love it, hubby loves it and the children loved it.

  4. Isi's mom on June 3rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

    It has such a smooth ride- I wish I would have tride this out before I purchased the travel system!

  5. Mom of 2 boys on June 24th, 2009 at 12:00 am

    This a great jogging stroller for the price! It’s lightweight and not too bulky. Plus, you can easily take off the snack tray to wash it. Only downside is that once it’s folded, it’s kind of awkward to handle because it doesn’t lock.

  6. Active Albanian Mommy on July 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

    I am an engineer and athlete with a new family and now a stroller expert after a month of stress. We like to run as a family. […] I planned to use this model for both jogging 5-10K runs and for day to day mall trips. When I put it all together in minutes might I add, it looked very perfect and racy? This was the third one I tried out. I was feeling great that I found the perfect system at half the cost of the B@B- I just cannot justify the cost of that one-maybe at 100 less or so but with the higher end strollers they nickel and dime you for all the adds like a tray!This strollers good- I think someone at Schwinn had a good idea that was messed up over seas- the frame is very light, the wheels are bicycle quality, sealed greased bearings (unlike baby trend), suspension is just a spring but in reality it works for a baby when you jog-its not a dirt bike and overall outer size and look. It is basically almost great and with a few improvements this is the only swivel jogger I could say could be great and equal with a 500 stroller. It needs some things such as higher end nylon material on the upper, with some added seat size length and on the seat a back/bottom support redo using inner plastic and padding, a true five point harness, a hinged tray system for changing diapers (like baby trends exp. Dlx), an all metal from wheel swivel brace with a set screw.The Bad- 1. without these things my 32 inch tall 25 pound 13 month old was much to tall for this-day one. He is lean and long but no bigger than a 24 month old. Come on when you buy one of these things you plan to use for running till the child is maybe 3.5 or 4 but definitely not 1.5 years old? Would you spend 200 bucks for a months use? Back to the inner nylon upper system. The mesh web at the back of the seat caused him to have to crook his neck and bend his head-like he was in a wrestling cradle hold-very strange. How could this be used by anyone?? The manual says not to put anyone under 6 months in it so ok I put a 1 year old in it and its already too small. The mesh looked like he was wearing a hairnet when the seat was layed back. 2. also the seat hangs off an aluminum frame support like a hammock, rather than having a inner support plastic form with padding from top to bottom (like the schwinn/instep suburban safari but that model had another issue-severe front wheel wobble on the sub safari model locked or not). Currently its all not engineered/designed properly so in addition the back bar feels like you are lying on a round 1 inch tube with no padding-try it at home. When you run and ride over bumps this bar then bounces off baby’s head on every bump! 3. The nylon is thin and feels like it can easily rip-b@by tr#nd has a better upper and tray system-but not frame or bearing/wheel set. 4. The baby tray should hinge at one end to change diapers. This is after all a pivit wheel system for babies and again B@by tr#nds expedition DLX has this and its better-but the rest of it is not. 5. a longer sun visor would be nice.So if Pacific manf. would add a couple inches of fabric, buy thicker nylon redesign the seat to fit a 4 year old and the baby tray to hinge, add a front wheel all metal solid lock with veer adjust but keep the frame, suspension and wheels they would have a winner and could easily charge 40 more and still be 1/3 cheaper than the aforementioned high end stuff.